Covington, GA
October 31-November 1, 2014
Raton, N.M.
September 20-October 5, 2014
Indianapolis, IN
April 25-27, 2014
2014 National Smallbore Rifle Championships
Bristol, IN
July 14-25, 2014
2014 National Rifle & Pistol Championships
Camp Perry, OH
July 8 – Aug 10, 2014
Washington, D.C.
June 23-29, 2014
On The Range
How to properly assume a complex shooting position that offers terrific accuracy to both hunters and competitive shooters..
Ever been frustrated by "black clouds" when you're trying to look through a scope? Here's how to make sure you get the best sight picture, every time.
Some cool facts about the world’s most versatile gun.
This affordable bolt-action compact rifle perfect for kids and women shoots like a dream.
Here's how to counter the misconceptions your friends may hold about the Second Amendment—with facts.
A day shooting clay games with the family may be the best day ever. But if you’re new to it, here are a few things you should know to ward off a fiasco.
This powerful air rifle delivers accuracy and near silence.
Sarah Smith Barnum hit the range to try her hand at the new Smith & Wesson M&P 22 Compact, along with some of the other firearms from the M&P line. Here's what she had to say about the newest iteration.
Three accomplished young shooters, three disciplines, a million ways to get into .22 shooting!
Here's why it's important for gun owners to serve as staunch, but respectful, ambassadors for our rights, lifestyle and choices.
Whether it's for a kid in your family or an adult under the 5'5" mark, here are some great scatterguns to try out for the perfect fit.
If you're on the market for an optic for your gun, it's important to understand what all those numbers mean...and what they mean to you. Shooting Illustrated Editor in Chief Ed Friedman explains.
The gun went bang...sort of. You know something's not right, and you know you need to fix it safely. But how?
An extra .7 of an inch can make all the difference in a concealed-carry gun's shootability. Barbara Baird explains how the newest iteration of Springfield's XD-S improves accuracy as well as the range experience...without sacrificing concealability.
Have disappointing accuracy results got you seeing red? Try a gun-mounted laser to improve your shooting skills.
The media has demonized "assault weapons" and "large" magazines. You may have heard all the hap-hazard reasons why they should be banned, but here are the reasons why they shouldn't be.
There's a lot of misinformation about guns out there. Daniel McElrath, Managing Editor of Shooting Illustrated, is here to dispel it.
Assistant Online Editor Sarah Smith Barnum hit the range with the EAA 9 mm Witness Pavona. Not an avid fan of "girly" guns, she was surprised with the results.
When selecting your first centerfire rifle, try it on for size to make sure it fits you and your personality.
In the Field
Here are your keys to success, East or West.
Zane Goodwin is no stranger to helping his boys find big bucks. On September 6, 2014, Zane took his son Roan hunting in Kansas where the youth hunter tagged a big velvet bruiser.
Zane Goodwin grabbed his son, 9-year-old Ryder, from school on September 12, 2014, and raced to Kansas to setup for the evening youth hunt. Find out how, with the help of his dad, Ryder tagged the buck of a lifetime.
Being a new or aspiring hunter is a difficult position to be in, especially if you don't have help. Here are six things to do if you're a novice hunter.
Click through for our photo gallery featuring some of America's lesser-known species in upland bird hunting.
Morgan and Mason Baseley, 13-year-old identical twins, are avid hunters sponsored by Girls with Guns Clothing. We decided to ask the girls a few questions about what message they hope to share with other girls, what their favorite hunt is and more.
On September 6, 2014, Oklahoma native Ridge Purviance and his father hit the Kansas woods for the youth season opener. After three years tailing an old 10-point, he finally bagged his buck. Find out how here.
Camp Compass Academy teaches outdoor skills to urban kids as a reward for their academic achievements.
It's important to keep the muscles used to draw your bow strong, during hunting season and offseason. Here are some helpful tips to keep your bow muscles tuned.
Dove season is starting right around now all over the country. Want to get involved? Don't worry: These pointers will get you ready in a jiffy.
Fifteen-year-old Canyon Young shares the blessings he's received in New Mexico's Valle Vidal.
We chatted with Jim Shockey and his daughter Eva from Outdoor Channel's "Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures" about hunting, family, and more.
American Hunter magazine's Executive Field Editor relates the high-stakes challenge that was the First Annual Gamo Squirrel Master Classic.
Finding a guide isn’t nuclear physics, but as with anything you're doing for the first time, it can be tricky. It's well worth the time spent to study the topic and make sure that you’ve stacked the deck in your favor.
Get ’em started young! Check out these options for getting your kids into archery.
Safety in the hunting fields is your responsibility.
"Crossbows increase opportunities for everyone...Females are the fastest growing segment of hunters, and crossbows will increase those numbers even more."
Some terrific wild-game grilling tips from The Sportsman Channel's Scott Leysath.
One of the trademarks of a good hunter is knowing when to shoot and when to let game walk. Following these basic shoot/don’t shoot principles will help you to make the right decision when crunch time arrives.
So you're looking for a dog that will be as well-behaved at home with your little ones as he is in the field. Here are some suggestions for hunting dogs that also make great pets.
Family Fun & Adventure
A teen's perspective on Gunsite Academy's 250 Defensive Handgun class.
Is this spooky campfire tale real, or is it fiction? E-mail us at, or leave us a comment, with your guess. One of the readers who guesses correctly will have a chance to have their own campfire tale published here!
Is this spooky campfire tale real, or is it fiction? E-mail us at, or leave us a comment, with your guess. One of the readers who guesses correctly will have a chance to have their own campfire tale published here!
We interview Outdoor Channel’s latest star, Louie Tuminaro.
A new book from NRA Publications' Chip Lohman helps explain all that NRA does for American freedoms and safety.
All you need to be a top-ranked pistol competitor is time, dedication and a willingness to learn.
A father's perspective on what he—and his teenage daughters—learned at Gunsite Academy.
Don't miss out on this chance to win cash prizes with artwork.
Thinking about higher education? You don’t have to give up the sport you love!
The inspiring story of Lee Wills, a young 3-gun competitor who won’t let physical challenges stand in his way.
Prominent gold and rare coins expert Michael Fuljenz, sponsor of ARTV's "I Have This Old Gun," was bestowed with multiple awards.
The life and times of one of America's most famous women.
Here's a great way to make your pork—whether you harvested it in a field or a grocery store—into the best summer eating you'll ever taste.
Palladium Press, LLC offers a vast array of finely-crafted books that will last for years to come. Any Second Amendment or firearm enthusiast will find something to take home.
NRA members take a spin at the 143rd NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Indianapolis.
Does your dog like to jump and swim? Then come on in...the water's fine!
The award-winning actor and host of "MidwayUSA's Gun Stories" on the Outdoor Channel gives NRA Family InSights the scoop.
The Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program is fun for everyone!
Are you or do you know a junior shooter who'd like to sharpen his or her action shooting skills? The USAMU is offering a free clinic that just might interest you.
Involve the whole family in your emergency preparedness plans—you won't regret it.
Here's what you'll need to know if you're ever forced to defend yourself or a loved one with a firearm.
Are you and your family more prepared than you were on September 10, 2001?
The author, owner of Rick's Firearm Academy of Detroit, details your strategy to improve your safety and enjoy your trip.
You've got the firearm, the holster and the training. But there's one thing you might have forgotten that could prove critical should you ever need to use your gun in a defensive situation: legal advice.
It has been said that an armed society is a polite society. And nowhere is that more important than when dealing with law enforcement.
Was the snake you saw dangerous? What should you do to avoid a bite? How do you help someone who's been bitten? We explore the slithery world of America's venomous snakes.
There's an almost-uncountable number of self-defense munitions offered on the market today. Which ones perform like they should? Check out Tom McHale's list of his top picks.
Can your firearm pass the white-glove test? Here's how to keep your gun clean and safe to use.
Here's what you need to know if your family will be spending time outdoors in mountain lion country.
Home-defense is more than confronting a bad guy. It is a comprehensive plan for surviving all potential disasters that includes all family members.
Don't let your vacation turn sour before you've even gotten in the air: Keep the skies friendly with some simple precautions.
Planning on heading out this Memorial Day weekend? Here's what you need to know if you plan to bring a gun.
Whether to lower insurance premiums, make your home safer or to protect your investment, here are some insights to help you select a gun vault for the long term.
You know you must rely on yourself to protect your family from a home invasion, but you don’t know where to begin. So start here.
Keep yourself and your pet safe around wildlife.
Things you can do—right now—to make your home more secure.
Fathers teach their children many things about life. Some lessons are intended to save us from falling into familiar traps; some are based on special skills; others seem to be purely instinctive.
Whether for added security at home, on the road or in your luggage, a small handgun safe is a wise investment…if you know what to look for.
From simple trigger locks to instantly accessible lock-boxes to safes that literally weigh a ton, safe gun storage options abound. Here’s how to find out which one is right for you.
The MidwayUSA Foundation will use the funds to benefit over 50 youth shooting teams.
Travis and Wyatt Gibson proving that winning 3-Gun matches can indeed be a family affair.
Read two more amazing stories of self-defense in the latest online edition of The Armed Citizen®.
As the seasons begin to change from summer to fall, NRA Store Senior Merchandise Buyer Brian Evans is here with a few fashionable concealed carry options for those chilly nights to come.
The National Rifle Association proudly joins National Hunting and Fishing Day, an annual celebration of hunting, conservation and the outdoor lifestyle set this year for Saturday, September 27.
Saturday, September 27th is the 21st annual National Public Lands Day. Why not volunteer your time to ensure your national forests stay beautiful?
Assistant Online Editor Sarah Smith Barnum reports on her visit to see Virginia's new elk herd, and other upcoming adventures.
NRA has long maintained there is a need for more informal public shooting ranges where hunters and target shooters can go—without having to join a club or pay a fee. Enter NRA Public Range Fund Grant Program.
Chamber-View, LLC, known for its firearms safety products, has announced it will sponsor youth target shooter Ryan Fitch for the 2014 season to promote safe firearm use.
Gamo Outdoor USA has released the all-new Varmint Hunter air rifle that features the quality Gamo is known for with a laser sight and flashlight combination.
Score big with the "Watch and Win" promotion this week.
Become a part of a 38-year-old tradition celebrating all that hunters and fishers do to protect our natural resources.
Assistant Online Editor Sarah Smith Barnum hits the road this weekend to meetup with an RMEF volunteer who will take her to see the now-bugling elk herd of Buchanan County, Va.
Camp Perry regular, Katie Bridges, shone on the international stage at the 2014 International Shooting Sport Federation World Championships.
New to camping? No problem! Give it a try with knowledgeable instruction and provided equipment with this innovative Texas program.
The inaugural Generation III Gun Championship strives to help Junior shooters get involved in the sport of 3-Gun.
Read two more amazing stories of self-defense in the latest online edition of The Armed Citizen®.
The 67th Annual Pointe Mouillee Waterfowl Festival is free, fun and family-oriented.